Social Business Forum 2011

All the presentations and videos from the Social Business Forum 2011 are now available online directly in the agenda.  Keep following us at @socialbizforum for news about the 2012 edition!

Leveraging the success and wide visibility achieved in the last three years with the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0, the Social Business Forum 2011 will address collaboration, marketing and innovation in the era of empowered employees, customers and partners. Featuring key international speakers and thought-leaders, the event will provide a unique mix of insight and discussion about social business opportunities, organizational impacts, success stories, best practices and lesson learned.

Reasons to be at the Social Business Forum 2011

  • Listen to the real experiences and returns that can be obtained with Social Business. Over 15 companies presenting their stories in the previous edition
  • Gain vertical first-hand knowledge on emerging topics and effective methodologies across 3 business tracks. More than 43 speakers in 2010
  • Connect with international experts, managers and professionals to build long term relationships that will help your business. 1200 subscriptions last year
  • Get the the bigger picture on Social Business in terms of key actors, technologies, local and global trends

The program will address:

  • Open organizational and leadership models
  • Defining the business case and getting top management commitment
  • Framing social media into the broader company strategy
  • Nurturing adoption, cultural change and people engagement
  • Defining ROIs, metrics and business drivers
  • Framewoks to cultivate successful internal and external communities
  • Policies, guidelines and governance approaches
  • The why’s and how’s of socializing business processes
  • Best practices and lessons learned to mitigate risks and overcome stumbling blocks
  • Choosing and integrating best of breed social software and collaborative platforms

In addition to a wide selection of keynotes, panels and vertical speeches, the Social Business Forum will feature a demo area with presentations by vendors and an Open Conference, where participants will discuss topics ranging from Enterprise 2.0 to Social CRM, Social Media Marketing and crowdsourcing in an open and informal setting together with speakers.

Real-time translation for every speech or panel will be provided in both Italian and English.

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