Is your business really social? Benchmark yourself at Social Business Forum!

Thousand of analysts, vendors and experts are talking on Social Business. Some describe it as the latest buzzword, but it is possible to identify behind this term a paradigm shift toward a more human-like company: porous, transparent, agile, responsive and focused on individual’s needs.

Social Business means convergence between external and internal operations. The need to involve the same way the entire business ecosystem (customers, but also employees, partners, suppliers) is the future of business. Last year, together with Open Knowledge, we announced our intention to evolve further the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 pushing the accelerator even more on customer engagement, Social CRM and open innovation.

Starting from the experience gained in previous years, the new edition of the Social Business Forum is now online, even if still to be completed.

Why you should register (and my advice is to do it quickly because we already have a few hundred of subscribers):

  • The international breadth: This is the broader and more detailed event in Europe for those interested in Social Business, with dozens of speakers and international stories (last year we had 43 speakers). The list of those present in the new edition is already too long to be reported here, but I can’t keep myself from mentioning Keith Swenson (Fujitsu VP R & D and the author of Mastering the Unpredictable ), Stefan Lindegaard (author of The Open Innovation Revolution), Sameer Patel (one of the most prominent analyst on Social Business), Mark Tamis ,Esteban Kolsky , and Mitch Lieberman (top authorities in social CRM), Bertrand Duperrin (one of the top Europe experts on Enterprise 2.0 and socialization of processes). Stay tuned: the list is not closed.
  • The hottest topics: We are going to cover all of the most discussed issues emerging in the field, directly with the pioneers. This year we want to discuss extensively Social Business (obviously), Social CRM, Adaptive Case Management, Social Dynamic BPM and BPM, Social Network Analysis, maturity models on Community Management, Social Innovation, Analytics “iIterne”, Intranet 2.0
  • The focus is business: We’ll be avoiding too much talk about social media, communication 2.0, conversational marketing. The main focus will be on revenue, returns, organizational framework, leadership models, appropriate measures to improve the way in which companies create value and profit. More than on communication, we shall focus on the development of key social processes. First on collaboration, customer insights, customer care, sales, innovation.
  • Actual cases: Not just experts, but companies. In 2010 we came collecting 20 company experiences. This year we already received confirmations by Fujitsu, Scottish Water, Webank, Nokia, Toshiba, and many other important brands will be announced shortly.
  • The ability to touch the technology: Technology is just a portion of the effort, but choosing the right one grants us one actual step ahead. No need to fly to Boston, this time: you can interact with some of the companies that are actually providing the most advanced solutions in the different actions composing Social Business: Telligent , Moxie ,Broadvision Clearvale (employee empowerment), Oracle (socialization of internal processes) , Lithium, Telligent’s Sword Ciboodle , Broadvision Clearvale (Social CRM), Spigit (open innovation).
  • Network and discuss with experts you will seldom see in Italy and with companies that probably have already realized some of the projects you are just thinking about.
  • You can decide the type of participation you want: Just as in the past edition, this year you will be choosing between free-of-charge spaces and fee-based participation, which includes full content, full speakers — the full experience.

What are you waiting for? Here are the links to keep at hand:

  • The agenda will continue to be filled with speakers and case studies
  • Registration page for access to free admission or to make the most of the special rate of € 400 until the end of this month (€750 from 1 May onwards)
  • Twitter account to stay up to date

Save the date and see you in Milan for sharing ideas on Social Business!

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