The Open Conference format

In addition to the keynotes and the three premium vertical sessions (dedicated to Employee Empowerment, Customer Engagement and Open Innovation), this year the Social Business Forum will also host an Open Conference (from 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.). An Open Conference is something in between a traditional conference and a barcamp, featuring a mix of already scheduled and bottom-up speeches given by experts, practitioners and consultants regarding a specific theme.

Why doing an Open Conference? Pretty easy to tell: we want to spread the word and stimulate a deeper discussion connected to themes The Social Business Forum covers (collaboration, informal exchanges, intranets 2.0, crowdsourcing, people engagement, open leadership, social CRM and many more) among every organization in Italy and abroad. We want to do this in an open setting, without any money involved and still bringing relevant local and international names on the stage.

Act now! If you have Social Business projects, experiences, frameworks, ideas to share… just connect with us by sending an email to [stefano.mizzella AT open-knowledge DOT it]. The best speeches will be put in the agenda and the speakers will get exposed on the Forum homepage through their profile and headshot. That’s a great opportunity, so don’t hesitate if you want to reserve a slot! Very transparently, we’ll give visibility to the best submissions we receive on a first come first served basis.

Both as attendants and a speakers, the participation (completely free of charge as for the Expo Pavillion and the Keynotes) to the Open Conference will give you plenty of ideas and tools to better navigate your Social Business journey. Some questions that will be addressed:

  • Is it possible to improve internal processes by involving employees more?
  • How to achieve a more effective and engaging marketing action?
  • How to leverage a stronger customer participation to accelerate innovation?
  • How do I create value for the entire business ecosystem (not only for stakeholders)?
  • How to evolve the organization making it more dynamic, adaptive and ready to address the challenges coming from the market?

The Open Conference will cover these and many other areas through panels of Italian and international experts, some of them directly from the premium sessions like Mitch Lieberman and Bertrand Duperrin, plus 10 vertical speeches meant to discuss the organizational, technical and economical dimensions involved in Social Business.

Participants must sign up for free on the event website at: We are looking to have you onboard!

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