• AndreaC
    Andrea Colaianni - Social Media Consultant at 90:10 Group
    Andrea Colaianni is Senior Associate 90:10 Group. Social Media Strategist with strong expertise in engagement, he work both on Italian and French market. Specialised in automotive and luxury sectors is also Autor and marketing blogger as “womarketing”, where analyses social web, open innovation and co-creation trends (http://www.womarketing.netsons.org/).
  • IMG_8075
    Andrea Contino - Social Media & Community Specialist at Moleskine

    Andrea Contino is a PR and Social Media professional. He began his career in 2006 as a PR Specialist at Microsoft Italy. Since his university years he used to be a reviewer for leading video gaming magazines, a passion that he keeps alive still nowadays writing for Wired.it. From July 2010 he deals with SocialMedia and Community in Moleskine. Video gamer from the very beginning of his life, in his spare time he tries to share his opinions with the world through his blog AC: www.contino.com

  • Andrea Giovenali_2
    Andrea Giovenali - Owner at Nextplora Spa

    Andrea Giovenali is president of the market research Nextplora SpA, which he founded in 2000. From 1998 to 2000 he served as Executive Partner of DNM Datanord Multimedia,the largest Internet consulting firm in that period. In the same year he founded the italian chapter of the IAB – Internet Advertising Bureau, and initiated the project Audiweb, the body measurement of Internet consumption in our country.
    He spent the first 13 years of his career in the advertising market, dealing with media planning and buying in JWThompson and Mediapolis, the center-owned media group Havas Advertising and Young &Rubicam, for which he served as Managing Director and member of the International Board.
    He is active in issues of the Internet since 1994, when he published the first of his two books devoted to this new media, Multimedia, Ed. Lupetti, and recognized as one of the key observer of the development aspects of new digital interactive media.
    His personal blog is http://www.giovenali.com

  • Foto_Open_Knowledge-1
    Andrea Incalza - Blogger at CustomerKing

    Andrea worked as a CRM consultant and concentrated his job on suggesting strategic and tactical guidelines to change company’s vision towards a real customer-centric approach.
    He dealt with both analytical and operational CRM to improve customer knowledge and the consequent Marketing / Sales / Caring and Service processes. He specifically worked on projects focused on Customer Insight (customer behavioral prediction, market basket analysis, next best product, etc.), Customer Value Management and Segmentation, Campaign management, Contact center design optimization and workforce management.
    Since 2009 he’s writing on his blog CustomerKing about CRM, Social CRM and its impacts on customer-company relationship strategy.

  • Andrew Gilboy
    Andrew Gilboy - VP Enterprise 2.0 EMEA at Oracle

    Vice President Enterprise 2.0 Oracle EMEA.

    Following Oracle’s acquisition of Stellent, I now head up Oracle’s EMEA team for Enterprise 2.0 Technologies which include Search, Enterprise Content Management, Portal, Collaboration Tools, Information Rights Management.

  • andreoni
    Arrigo Andreoni - President at Club TI

    From 1981 to 1983 he is in Tecnimont as IT managers, then Director of Information Technology Himont Europe, a joint venture between Montedison and Hercules.
    In 1993 he joined Pirelli as Coordinator of Information Technology. The following year he became Director of Information Technology Worldwide. Since 1994, he was General Manager of Pirelli Informatica, where he became CEO in 2001.
    From 2002 he was Telecom President and CEO of IT Telecom S.p.A.
    Today he is CIO in Pirelli S.p.A.

  • bertrand duperrin
    Bertrand Duperrin - Enterprise 2.0 Consultant at Next Modernity

    Bertrand Duperrin carries out consultancy missions in the field of management, information, and communication technologies. His career began in a HR and management consultancy where he mainly focused on collaboration issues.

    He joined blueKiwi Software in 2006, in the first days of the company’s operations. At blueKiwi, Bertrand structured the consulting/services activity in the field of enterprise social networks. He was a pioneer in the French market; one of the first to lead such projects for large businesses. He joined Nextmodernity, a french expert consulting leading firm in the field of new management, collaboration and value creation practices in January 2010.

    Bertrand led the premier enterprise 2.0 project in a major French company, at Dassault Systemes, in the beginning of 2006. From there, he has led strategic projects for customers like BNP Paribas, Groupe La Poste (French postal services), and many of the largest french companies.

    His goals: to make social networks serve organizational performance and value creation in such domains as innovation, sales performance, or collective efficiency He’s shares his thoughts on the above issues on his blog and is a member of the AIIM expert bloggers community (http://aiimcommunities.org/users/bduperrin).

  • photo_bill
    Bill Johnston - Director of Global Community at Dell

    Bill Johnston is Dell’s Director of Global Community, where he oversees global online community strategy and programs for the company. Prior to Dell, Bill was Chief Community Officer with Forum One Networks where he directed social media events, collaborative research projects, and led the company’s commercial consulting practice. Bill has also held senior positions with Autodesk, and helped launch TechRepublic.com in the late 90’s. Bill founded the Online Community Roundtable group in 1995.

    Online Community Strategy Blog: http://www.billjohnston.net

  • Panella_1
    Carlo Panella - Banking Commercial Director at Webank

    Coming from logistics (DHL) and telecommunications (Vodafone), Carlo has ten years experience in banking, starting as Marketing Manager Webank, where he contributed to the start-up and subsequent development as a primary player in the market , then as CRM & Marketing Manager of Banca Popolare di Milano. Carlo Panella is now Sales Director Banking in Webank.

  • photo_clairek
    Claire Kavanagh - CRM Manager at giffgaff

    Claire is the Customer Retention manager at giffgaff, UK’s only completely online mobile company which is “run by” its members. Responsible for customer communications, MGM and member retention. Currently focused onintegrating giffgaff’s customer service model across multiple social media channels – fostering self service and members helping other members.

  • Cordelia Krooß
    Cordelia Krooß - Senior Enterprise Community Manager at BASF

    Cordelia Krooß is Senior Enterprise Community Manager at BASF. Since 2008, she has been driving the development of the Online Business Network connect.BASF. Her focus is on community management, global coordination, developing best practices and consulting on how to create business value. connect.BASF has won the German Online Communications Award 2011 for Internal Online Communication.

    Cordelia Krooß joined BASF’s Corporate Communications in 1994. Her various assignments in Ludwigshafen and Hong Kong included employee communications, social media, online communications, media relations, crisis communications, issues management and B2B communications. Her special approach to living networks originates from her studies in Biology at the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany.

  • foto Diego Andreis 2
    Diego Andreis - Managing Director at Fluid-o-Tech

    Diego Andreis is Managing Director of Fluid-o-Tech, the Italian group that develops, manufactures and markets pumps in the world since 1976.
    A passionate experimenter of innovation models, he is working on several projects with the aim of accelerating the growth of the group. Networks, technologies and advanced models of interaction are the key drivers on which is working to accelerate the innovation process, to increase quality and reduce risk.
    Diego has a degree in management engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

  • eq
    Emanuele Quintarelli - Partner & Social Business Strategist at OpenKnowledge

    Enterprise 2.0 strategist at Open Knowledge. Enterprise 2.0 researcher, analyst and blogger at www.socialenterprise.it (in italian). Expert on enteprise blogging, wiki, feed rss, mashups, tagging and prediction markets.
    Lead Researcher, Strategist and Project Manager for web 2.0 business models and applications. Blogger on web 2.0 at http://www.infospaces.it (in english).
    Author of the Enterprise 2.0 chapter of the new book “Web 2.0″ from IlSole24Ore and of the paper “Folksonomies: Power to the People” (http://www.iskoi.org/doc/folksonomies.htm) published for the ISKO and of “Facetag: Integrating bottom-up and top-down classification in a social tagging system” presented at the IA Summit 2007 (Las Vegas).
    I’ve founded Facetag.org, a research project to show how the traditional classification schemes can be mixed with emerging folksonomies presented at the EURO IA last year in Berlin (http://www.euroia.org) and this year at the IA Summit 2007 in Las Vegas (www.iasummit.org).
    I’m also co-founder of Netwo.it (the first hub for web 2.0 startups in Italy), the organizer of Web2.Oltre (http://www.web2oltre.it), the biggest italian business conference about Web 2.0, of the Italian Architecture Summit (www.iasummit.it) and of the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 (www.enterprise2forum.it)
    Particularly interested in innovative enterprise 2.0 projects inside big companies and user centred design methodologies, processes and tools.

  • emanuele.scotti
    Emanuele Scotti - CEO at OpenKnowledge

    Founder and CEO at OpenKnowledge srl. Specialized on organizational development and innovation: concept, design, development for knowledge management, learning management, community management through social media platforms.
    Web 2.0 approach inside the organization: wikies, folksonomy, social networking, communities of practice, user generated content, social network analysis
    Internal communication: internal marketing, events, bottom-up systems.

  • seveso
    Erminio Seveso - President at OpenKnowledge

    He started his professional activities in 1969 at SIT Siemens (now Italtel) focused on simulation models for telephone exchange.
 From 1971 to 1976 Erminio worked in Sperry Univac (now Unisys) as project leader for manufacturer companies and public administrations. From 1976 he was engaged in management of BTicino (now Legrand Group) where he was COO and CIO. From 2003 Erminio is the Presidente of the Italian Association “Aused, Associazione Utilizzatori Sistemi e tecnologie dell’Informazione”. From october 2008 is President and Partner of OpenKnowledge.

  • Esteban Kolsky
    Esteban Kolsky - Principal & Founder at ThinkJar

    Leveraging 20+ years of technology, customer service, communities and social media, online and offline marketing, CRM and enterprise strategy to assist vendors and clients in getting the results they need.

    Whether online or offline, customer-centric or organization-centric, traditional or community-based service and support, I have done it, written about it, and got great success.

    I coined the terms, and assisted clients and vendors reach success, Customer Interaction Hub, Community-Based Customer Service, and Enterprise Feedback Management.

  • martire
    Fabrizio Martire - Consultant at Uncle Pear

    Fabrizio works on collaborative 2.0 tools and social media marketing strategies. Lecturer about web marketing and social network at “Nuovi Media Nuove Persone”, Accademia Santa Giulia, he shares experiences and case histories on his personal blog (virtualeco.org).
    He works with a few organizations, including Project Group, Uncle Pear and Università degli studi di Brescia. He organizes “Pane Web & Salame – social media camp” for SMEs since 2010.

  • cortiana
    Fiorello Cortiana - ITC and Innovation Manager at Provincia di Milano

    Fiorello Cortiana is ITC and Innovation Manager at Provincia di Milano.
    Member of the Internet Governance Forum, former Senator and councillor at Parchi e Territorio Regione Lombardia,
    he is an expert of Information Technology in Public Administration, free software and open standards, technological innovation and electronic democracy in Italy.

  • fabiani
    Flavio Fabiani - Innovation Consultant at Toshiba Europe

    Flavio Fabiani is Innovation Consultant at Toshiba Europe GmbH and member of the Innovation Core Team.
    He is advisor & coach to business units on innovation methods, processes, tools, and approaches; he engages with business partners on potentially high-impact business initiatives, and consults on the approach to innovation engagements, incorporating innovation best practices.

  • Ponton
    George Ponton - Research and Development Director at Scottish Water

    George Ponton is responsible for developing and managing Scottish Water’s Research and Innovation Programme and generally trying to encourage the business to be more innovative. His role is about enabling the business to lead and engage in research activity as well as developing a culture where innovation becomes part of Scottish Water’s DNA.
    He is a Chartered Chemical Engineer by training and has been in the water industry in Scotland since 1992. He worked with Strathclyde Water as a process engineer and managed capital projects with East of Scotland and West of Scotland Water prior to the formation of Scottish Water in 2002, where he has worked as Water Regulation Manager for 7 years.

  • george siemens
    George Siemens - Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University

    George Siemens, was an Associate Director with the Learning Technologies Centre at University of Manitoba and author of Knowing Knowledge, an exploration of how the context and characteristics of knowledge have changed, and what it means to organizations today.
    George is also Founder and President of Complexive Systems Inc., a learning lab focused on assisting organizations develop integrated learning structures to meet the needs of global strategy execution. Today works for Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University

  • Facchini
    Gianandrea Facchini - Founder and owner at Buzzdetector

    I used to work in international advertising and media agencies for 18 years, managing both international and local clients of several markets: FMCG, Automotive, Pharmaceutical.
    I then founded my company, Buzzdetector. Its goal is to create added value insights from comments and sentiment of the customers, current and prospects. We serve multinational organizations since 2007 working with a proprietary tool.

  • zaccai
    Gianfranco Zaccais - President and Chief Design Officer at Continuum Inc.

    Gianfranco Zaccais co-founded Continuum in 1983. Under his direction, Continuum has been a leader in defining the role of Design Research, Interdisciplinary Design and Concurrent Development as key drivers of human-centered product and business innovation. He holds degrees in Industrial Design from Syracuse University, where he serves on the Board of Advisors to the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and a degree in Architecture from the Boston Architectural College, where he serves as an Overseer. He has received Doctor of Arts degree “Honoris Causa” from North Carolina State University, a Doctor of Fine Art Degree “Honoris Causa” from his alma mater, Syracuse University and was inducted as a Commander of the Order Merit of the Italian Republic (Commendatore, Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”) by the President of Italy.


  • demichelis
    Giorgio De Michelis - Prof. Theoretical CS and Systems Information at Bicocca University

    Giorgio De Michelis is Professor of Theoretical Computer Science and Systems Information at University of Milano Bicocca, where he directed the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication from 2002 to 2007. It carries a wide research on models of distributed systems, models and tools for workgroup computing, community systems, knowledge management, business intelligence and interaction design.
    He also carries out research and consultancy on innovation, excellent Italian companies ICT management, change in Public Administration, e-government. Past Vice-President of the Foundation IRSO, he is now CEO at Itsme srl, which aim is to develop a new PC, ITSME, based on a new metaphor, “Stories and venues”.

  • Soro_Foto_Sito_AUSL
    Giovanni Soro - Director of Sociosanitary Service, ASL Piacenza

    Giovanni M. Soro is the Director of sociosanitary services at the Local Health Authority of Piacenza. The majority of his professional experience relates to change management and organizational, strategic innovation. He’ve worked ten years for different consulting companies managing project for large organizations, helping them define and execute sustainable programs of business optimization, operational effectiveness and employee productivity with ICT solutions.

  • Jon Ingham
    Jon Ingham - Executive Consultant at Social Advantage
    Jon Ingham is Executive Consultant at Social Advantage.  He focus on helping organisations develop social capital (the value of the connections, relationships and conversations taking place in an organisation) through community based leadership development; team focused HR practices; organisation and job design; organisation development; community management; team facilitation; workplace design and the use of social media / web 2.0 tools.
    Jon also works with clients to help them integrate social media into their HR and organisational management strategies, particularly within recruitment, learning and communication. He is also a regular speaker at social HR; social recruitment; social learning and social business / enterprise 2.0 conferences in the UK, Europe and the US.
  • photo_jussi
    Jussi Wacklin - Digital Marketing Director, Nokia

    Jussi has been 13 years in various leadership roles in Nokia ranging from product development to strategy and marketing. He has run global teams looking after Nokia’s services marketing as well as its smartphone business. Over the years, Jussi has been a recent speaker in media and events where his focus recently has been on digital and social media communications

  • keith swenson
    Keith Swenson - VP R&D at Fujitsu America

    Fujitsu America VP R&D, author of the book “Mastering the Unpredictable”.

    Keith Swenson is Vice President of Research and Development at Fujitsu America Inc. and is the Chief Software Architect for the Interstage family of products. He is known for having been a pioneer in collaboration software and web services, and has helped the development of many workflow and BPM standards. He is currently the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Workflow Management Coalition. In the past, he led development of collaboration software MS2, Netscape, Ashton Tate and Fujitsu. In 2004 he was awarded the Marvin L. Manheim Award for outstanding contributions in the field of workflow. His blog is at http://kswenson.wordpress.com/

  • llocklee
    Laurence Lock Lee - Business Relationships Management Consultant, Partner at Optimice

    The majority of my professional experience relates to knowledge management and the creation of knowledge sharing business relationships. I am an experienced practitioner with social network analysis, also called organizational network analysis and value network analysis techniques. My professional goal is to educate companies on managing peer to peer relationships, or what I call “managing sideways”. With Optimice we aim to build management tools supporting peer to peer relationships and sustainable partnerships. I have applied my experience across many industries, both public and private. I have published a book on IT Governance in a Networked world and a major report on Visual Markets, a market research technique focused on business relationships.

  • photo_luis
    Luis Suarez - Community Builder & Social Computing Evangelist at IBM

    Luis Suarez has been working at IBM for 14 years. In that time he’s specialised in the fields of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Community Building and the last 9 years in Social Computing (Enterprise 2.0) and Social Software.

    He’s currently working in the BlueIQ program (Within the IBM Software group), as a KMer, CommunityBuilder & Social Computing evangelist helping accelerate the adoption rate of social software within IBM and over the last few years he has developed a passion for this next wave of collaboration and knowledge sharing tools, known as social software.

    Finally, over three years ago he started an experiment about ditching corporate email in favour of social software to collaborate & share knowledge. Details on his experiment can be found at http://www.elsua.net/tag/a-world-without-email/, through this NY Times article he published recently: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/29/jobs/29pre.html or, lately, this Mashable article: http://mashable.com/2010/09/03/world-without-email/

  • gastaldi
    Mario Gastaldi - Owner at Brain Team Consulting

    International consultant, facilitator, business coach, expert in Change Management and O.D., Collaboration, Employee Engagement, Mario Gastaldi developes organizational models through the Social Technologies. He designs and facilitates innovative processes for organizational co-design.
    In 22 years it has conducted projects in contexts such Italian SMEs, corporate businesses, multinational and multicultural company located in USA and UK. He is part of Organizational Development Institute, and promotes the Appreciative Inquiry Network in Europe. His company, Brain Team Consulting, belong to the European Consortium: “Co-creating a Learning Society”. His blog is “Growing Organizations” (www.mariogastaldi.com).

  • mark tamis
    Mark Tamis - Social CRM and Social Business Strategist at NET-7

    Mark Tamis is a european social business strategist & entrepreneur, at the intersection of social CRM, marketing and Enterprise 2.0. He has a background in managing Professional Services at a of US Software Vendors and now provides advice to B2B and B2C companies on the next generation of business strategies.

    Mark was one of the first three europeans to be certified by Paul Greenberg’s BPT Partners in “Social CRM Strategies for Business”, in February 2010.

  • paoli massimo
    Massimo Paoli - Prof. of Economics & Management of Innovation, Univ. of Perugia

    Professor of Economics and Management of Innovation, University of Perugia. For many years dealing with Systems Integration and its derivatives and cognitive dimensions for businesses, and models of innovation of local development systems.

  • mlu_1181h
    Mauro Lupi - Partner, Head of Digital Area at Ammiro Partners

    Mauro Lupi is one of the leading experts in online communication in Italy, with over 30 years of experience in ICT. Since 2010, Partner and Head of Digital Area at Ammiro Partners, after driving for twelve years, the web agency Ad Maiora. He runs a popular weblog (www.maurolupi.com) and he teaches web marketing in several universities and business schools. Mauro has been a board member of IAB Italy and SEMPO.org and one of the founder of BAY Italy. In 2001 he wrote the book “Motori di ricerca e visibilità sul web” published by IDG. He is co-author of “Social Media Marketing” published by Hoepli in 2011.

  • photo_ming
    Ming Kwan - Digital Marketing Manager, Nokia

    Ming Kwan is a Global Digital Marketing Manager at Nokia and holds an Honours Business Administration degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Ming currently works in a diverse team of experts driving Nokia’s social media strategy. Ming previously worked in the Office of the CIO developing Nokia’s social collaboration strategy. Prior to joining Nokia, Ming worked at nGenera Insight, a technology strategy think tank specializing in Enterprise 2.0 and Social Marketing.

  • mirko-pallera150
    Mirko Pallera - Strategic and Creative Director, Digital Strategist at Ninja Marketing

    Mirko Pallera is considered one of the leading experts of communication in the network society. In 2004 he founded with Alex Giordano Ninja Marketing, today the first site of Italian innovation marketing that brings together a community of over 15,000 professionals, of which he is currently managing director (www.ninjamarketing.it).
    In the bestseller “Unconventional Marketing”, published by il Sole 24 Ore, he explains 10 steps “from the old to the new marketing”, defining the concept of Viral DNA. He is strategic & creative director of consulting company Ninja LAB (www.ninjalab.it) that creates strategies and campaigns for major clients including Unilever, Telecom, Artsana, Barilla. He is currently working on an original design of viral branding to be displayed in a new book coming out in January 2012.

  • Mitch Lieberman
    Mitch Lieberman - VP Marketing at Sword Ciboodle

    Joining the company in 2011, Mitch is responsible for maintaining and expanding upon Sword Ciboodle’s North American marketing efforts, innovating customer service in the age of social as we all customer, analyst and partner engagement programs. Mitch is recognized by his peers as one of the world’s thought leaders in Social CRM and the impacts on Social Business. He is always on the forefront of ideas, strategies, and technologies. Mitch shares his thoughts on his syndicated blog A title would limit my thoughts, as well as the Ciboodle’s own under the C blog.

    Mitch’s passion is solving business problems by creating the optimal alignment of people, process, and technology. Mitch will be leveraging his breadth of experience in product management, systems architecture (including both transactional and analytical business applications) and strategy development. Mitch is in charge of product positioning and messaging.

    Mitch is based out of his home office in Williston, Vermont, but you will find him hanging out in the Chicago office a lot.

  • Nicola
    Nicola Silvestri - Partner and Digital Communication Strategist, OpenKnowledge

    Nicola Silvestri is a Digital Communications Strategist. Partner and Communication team leader at OpenKnowledge, his main focus is generating strategy projects for customer engagement, communications and marketing initiatives in Social Media.
    Over 20 years experience in media and advertising. Since 1996 leading roles in online advertising. Before joining OpenKnowledge, he spent 8 years focused on leading creative and strategic teams specialized in digital advertising (MD at Profero Milan, Head of Interaction at Mindshare Milan).

  • Norman Lewis
    Norman Lewis - Chief Innovation Officer, Open Knowledge

    With over ten years experience in Telecoms innovation, Norman is recognised worldwide as an expert on future trends and user behaviour around Voice and Messaging and digital lifestyles. He has been a keynote speaker on this at O’Reilly Emerging Telephony, eComm, Telco2.0, 3G World Congress and Mobility Marketplace, the Global Billing Association and many other events. Norman is also the Chief Strategy Officer, Wireless Grids Corporation. Prior to joining WGC, he was the Director of Technology Research for Orange, formerly the Home Division of France Telecom where he was at the forefront of developing an innovation framework for an integrated Telco approach to the emerging Web2.0 ecosphere. He is an Associate Director of STL Partners Ltd, the group behind the Telco2.0 initiative. He was also previously an Executive Board member of the MIT Communications Futures Programme and is the Chairman of the ITU TELECOM Forum Programme Committee. He holds a Masters (1st Class) and a DPhil in International Relations from the Universities of Kent at Canterburyand Sussex.

  • photo_baldriga
    Paolo Baldriga - Head of Communication, Partnership and Loyalty at PosteItaliane

    Paolo Baldriga is now Head of Communication, Partnership and Loyalty  at PosteItaliane, after having worked as Head of Marketing  at  Postemobile, the MVNO 100% owned by PosteItaliane;  his also board member of Eurogiro.
    Prior to this he was Head of Marketing at ANSA, Italy’s leading news agency, and was also member of board of directors of EPA (European press-photo agency).
    He has also held marketing roles at Wind Telecomunicazioni, Sky, Vodafone and Telecom Italia.

  • zanenga
    Paolo Zanenga - Founding Partner at TWG Consulting

    Paolo is graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He participated to several international research programs, among them the CMS – Cost Management System of CAM-I (1988-1993). His main experience is relevant to relationships between technology and society, including enterprise modeling, and epistemology in economic organization.
    Presently he teaches “Complexity and Innovation Networks” at the PhD School of Turin Politecnico; he is also guest lecturer in Domus Academy, Politecnico di Milano, Copenhagen Business School, Parsons The New School of New York , Hult International Business School of Londonn.
    Paolo is founding partner (1982) of TWG Consulting – Excellence Center for Innovation Management, and President of PDMA Southern Europe, an Affiliate of PDMA-Product Development and Management Association. He has lead projects in many companies, in Italy and abroad. In the last years, he is proposing a new model for open innovation, the TWG Lab ©.
    He wrote two books: “ABM – Un nuovo di modello di governo per l’impresa”, published by F. Angeli, 1994, and “Le Reti di Diotima – Società della conoscenza ed economia della bellezza”, Carocci, 2010.


  • paz
    Pasquale Borriello - Digital Strategist at Art Attack Adv / xister

    Digital Strategist since 2006 at Art Attack Adv / xister, a cross-media communication agency, Pasquale studied Logic and Philosophy and authored a math book for undergraduate students. In 2009 he moved to Toronto (Canada) to refine his marketing skills. He is an Internet user since 1994 and loves to experiment all new Social Media trends.

  • patrickbrandt
    Patrick Brandt - CEO, Telligent

    Patrick Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, drives the corporate strategy and vision for Telligent.
    Prior to joining Telligent, Brandt was the founder and CEO of Skywire Software. He also remains a member of the Board of Directors of iWave Software and serves on the board of appBackr.

    Brandt has also earned several accolades for his business acumen, leadership, and community service, including the Ernst & Young 2008 Southwest Area Entrepreneur of the Year Award®, the 2008 Tech Titans Corporate CEO Award, the 2006 Ellis Award from the Entrepreneur Foundation of North Texas, and the 2004 Tech Titans Emerging CEO Award.

  • pschaefer_1_217px
    Philipp Schaefer - Location Head and Associated Partner at IDEO

    As an Associate Partner, Philipp heads IDEO’s Munich office, where he nurtures creative culture. This seasoned executive is well versed in the strategic and operational necessities of developing and managing thriving businesses. With a foundation in user-centered design, technology, and corporate strategy, Philipp continues to push the boundaries of traditional thinking and undiscovered possibilities.
    Before joining IDEO in January 2008, Philipp played leadership and entrepreneurial roles at Kochan & Partner, a leading German design agency, and Razorfish, the global digital-design consultancy that he co-founded in 1997. He founded a think tank for Telefónica Móviles & Sonera and worked as an independent consultant for media and technology companies in Europe. His consulting gigs involved nonprofits and many different industries, including automotive, fashion, financial services, tourism, and telecommunications.
    Philipp is passionate about understanding the “here and now” and about creating “what if” and “how might we” scenarios that prompt real-world change.

  • cobianchi3_piccola
    Roberto Cobianchi - Owner at Mimulus

    I do consulting on intranet and enterprise 2.0. I deal with the integration of the corporate organization and new technologies, in support of operational improvement of the organization, and therefore the operating result. To put it simply, I help organizations make better use of new technologies to improve the management of internal processes.
    I write on some blogs, in addition to my personal Intranetlife (htp: / /www.cobianchi.net) dedicated to the intranet world, I write on the blog of Mimulus (http://www.mimulus.it/blog), about web and social media, Casaleggio Associati (http://www.casaleggio.it) mainly about the opportunities the web provides for changing organizations, Osservatorio Foursquare Italia (http:// www.foursquareitalia.org), about geo-location opportunities for brands.

  • Roberto-Masiero
    Roberto Masiero - Founder and CEO of The Innovation Group

    Roberto Masiero is Founder and CEO of The Innovation Group, specialized in business innovation and knowledge-driven business processes through the use of new technologies, and President at THINK! The Innovation Knowledge Foundation.
    He has been President of IDC EMEA and IDC International, a company leader in market research, information technology and telecommunications.
    Currently he is closely following the issues related to innovation, public administration and digital citizenship.

  • rosario sica
    Rosario Sica - Partner & Co-founder at OpenKnowledge

    Cybernetic Physicist with a Master Degree in Marketing and Social Communication, past CEO of Semantic Internet Innovation Ltd. He has a sound experience in the experimentation of innovative pedagogical methods. He has been consultant in South Pacific Islands (Fiji) and Project Manager in Chile for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In Vietnam for Médecins sans Frontiers, in Italy for Learning Technologies – A. De Little, RSO, Ministry of Social Affairs and ELEA Spa (De Agostini Group). He has published lots of articles about the application of new technologies in learning processes and he is co-author of the book “Il computer elementare” (elementary computer)” edited by Apogeo, (2003) and co-author of the new book “Community Management Processi informali e tecnologie Web 2.0 per la gestione della conoscenza nelle organizzazioni” ( Formal and Informal learning) Ed. Apogeo year 2007.

    Specialized in new technologies in learning processes. Web 2.0 & 3.0. International negotiation, Web based Training Center and Interoperability Architecture. Learning, Re-usable, adaptive for Educational e-Content. Informal Learnig. Semantic Web.

  • Sameer Patel
    Sameer Patel - Founding Partner at Sovos Group
    I’m a founding partner at the Sovos Group – a consulting firm that helps leading organizations accelerate employee, customer and partner performance via the strategic use of social and collaborative approaches and technology.
    I’ve spent a decade managing engagements for large organizations helping them define and execute sustainable programs that drive lead generation, business partner network optimization, sales and marketing operational effectiveness, customer acquisition and employee productivity.

    I also serve on the Enterprise 2.0 Advisory Board and co-chair the Enterprise 2.0 Strategy and Execution Tracks at the Annual Enterprise 2.0 Conference.I blog about Enterprise 2.0 at www.pretzellogic.org

  • Simone Tornabene
    Simone Tornabene - Chief Marketing Manager at Viralbeat

    Simone Tornabene, better known as Mushin, is a Web Strategist who loves what he does. He is currently Chief Marketing Manager of Viralbeat (www.viralbeat.com), a company specialized in Social Media Analysis and Seeding. In his future he sees the establishment of a Zen monastery or a school of Taoist martial arts. Information about his your exciting work can be found on his blog (www.webstrategist.it)


  • photo_lindegaard
    Stefan Lindegaard - Open Innovation Author and Consultant at 15Inno

    Stefan Lindegaard is an author, speaker and strategic advisor who focus on the topics of open innovation, social media tools and intrapreneurship.

    Stefan Lindegaard believes open innovation requires a global perspective and he has given talks and worked with companies on open innovation in Europe, South America, the U.S. and Asia. His last book is The Open Innovation Revolution and his blog is a globally recognized destination on open innovation. You can read further at http://www.15inno.com.

  • StefaniaTodiscoApril2011
    Stefania Todisco - Head of Group Operations & ICT Factories Community Unit at Unicredit

    Since 2008 I’ve been focused on Enterprise 2.0 technologies and methodologies for UniCredit. Once the platform was created, it was released to  a population of more of less 13000 people. From then onwards my main challenges are about community growth and development , user adoption in every day working life, simplified user experience. All this tasks and of course interests are the dressing for the ultimate target: the spread or social awareness in UniCredit.

  • besana
    Stefano Besana - Learning Consultant at OpenKnowledge srl

    Stefano has a degree in Science of Learning Processes with a thesis on how to use social networks within companies to generate significant learning (awarded byWorking Capital Telecom Italy as one of the most innovative projects); he deals with new technologies and their application in the fields of innovation and learning processes. He worked as a Web Developer and Social Media Consultant, focusing on promotion and monitoring (buzz analysis). He writes regularly for HTML.it and is responsible for Web and New Media section ofJazzAscona.
    His blog is Social Learning.

  • mizzella
    Stefano Mizzella - Social Media Strategist at OpenKnowledge srl

    PhD in Information Society at the University of Milano-Bicocca and co-director of the highly specialized Social Media Lab at the University of Milan IULM. His main activity is the design of strategies for customer engagement. Specific skills: Social Media Marketing Strategies, Social CRM Strategies, Social Media Monitoring, Community Management, Web Ethnography, Interaction Design. Recent publications: New Media and Web 2.0 (Guerini, 2010) and Marketing 2.0 (Harvard Business Review, 2010). His blog is Social Media Scape (www.socialmediascape.org).

  • stefano vitta
    Stefano Vitta - Web Strategist at Connexia
    Communications, web and social media marketing expert, Stefano works in the internet media field from 2001. Since September 2010 he works as internet startegist at Connexia Agency. As Entreprenuer he has founded Pitbull Technology web agency, first company sold web site kits in Italy an Bloggers.it one of the first blog platform providing free and premium services to more then 30.000 users.  On the last five years Stefano has been the Italian country manager of FON, spanish startup founded by Martin Varasrvsky and general manager of Zzub.it, word of mouth community. Working with several web agency as web strategist and project manager he followed important project with brands as Rai, Telecom, Cinti, Vidafone, Ballandi Production, Banca Intesa. Since 2003 post news about social media and web marketing on his blog aghenorblog.com.